Tuesday, August 11, 2009

happy 3rd birthday howie!

howie is now 3! i can't believe it. it's so great to have a big boy to enjoy life with. he makes everything more fun! i was really excited throw him a birthday party thanks to this blog.
here is the invitation we gave to howie's friends:

for a theme i just did polka dots/the matching cute paper to go with them:) okay, so not really a theme but hey, he's 3 so he thought it was great. why do a tacky theme when they are too young to fight for it yet?

we ate fruit and mini pizza's (as per howie's request) i made chicken bbq for the adults and pepperoni for the kids.

here is the cake. after making taylor's cake last week, howie had high expectations. it didn't turn out exactly how i wanted but i guess that's what happens when you don't plan out what you're doing until you are literally putting it together.

i made these banners using scrapbook paper and bias tape. i just sewed the paper in between the bias tape, it worked great and was super easy!

i made the hats by simply wrapping cute paper over top of store bought party hats and gluing it down.

here is the happy birthday boy! he loved every minute of his party!

all the kids were so good and happy the whole time. i didn't think a table full of 1, 2 and 3 year olds would actually work but it did! hooray!
i taped large paper to the floor and put some crayons on top. the kids must have liked it because by the end of the party it was very well used!

i taped polka dots all over the walls, on the back of the polka dots i drew simple drawing that 2 and 3 year olds could recognize like happy faces. shapes, numbers, and letters. after we were done eating and the kids needed something to do i told them to get get the dots off of the wall and tell me what was on the back on them . they LOVED it. it was the perfect game for a third birthday!
for favors for the kids to take home i just got playdoh and covered it with paper.

they party went great and i can't wait until next year for another one. thanks to everyone who came!


SewMuchAdo said...

Wow, can you believe you have a 3 year old? Happy birthday Howie! The party looked really fun, I think I would love a party like that for myself! Your decorations and ideas were so simple but so cute, you are so smart.

Lindsay@ THAT'S SO CUEGLY said...

HEY, I passed the SHARE YOUR FLAIR AWARD to you! CONGRATS! Love your Blog! Post about your award and then award 3 other blogs you think SHARE THEIR FLAIR WORTHILY!

Meagan M said...

Angie, it was a great party! I had fun - and I'm pretty sure Hailey did too. I LOVED the polka dot game - it was so age appropriate and the kids loved it! I'm stealing that idea for next year!

Stacey said...

Ok...that is adorable. I love the colors, the ideas, the cake...it is all so brilliant!
The best reward is his happy little face! :)

Christine Peterson said...

It was a great party and Taylor loved it, thanks for inviting us. The pizza was good too and well everything was fantastic. Taylor really enjoyed the colouring on the floor ;)

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Howie.. Wow! everything looked absolutely amazing for his birthday party. I can see that they really enjoyed the party..

More Blessings to all!

Rachelle Cooper said...

soooo cute angie, wow wished u lived near me so we could hang out and i could get more creative, love the party and the cake! and the lady bug cake is to die for cute! you are so talented!

Renee said...

Happy birthday Howie!!!!That is adorable. I love the colors, the ideas, the cake...it is all so brilliant! !!!!

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