Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a lovely bunch of frills accent cushion tutorial

in this tutorial i am going to take you through the steps of making your very own lovely bunch of frills accent cushion. i love these little pillows so much. i have seen tons of pillows with ruffles on them but for the most part i have only ever seen small 1-2 inch ruffles. as i was making my first ruffle pillow, inspired by this curtain, it came to me that really big ruffles that were sewn in the middle and close to each other would be so cute! and the best part was, when i actually made them, they were just as fabulous as i pictured they would be, which definitely does not always happen! have fun make one (or 2!) for yourself!!

1 - 14 x 17 inch pillow form (i got mine from ikea, you can make one)
a rolled hem foot for your sewing machine
1 - 15 x 18.5 inch rectangle white cotton for front ( i used an old ikea duvet cover for the fabric)
2 - 15 x 15 inch squares of white cotton for back flaps
4 - 5 x 36 inch strips of white cotton for frills

1. back: first prepare the 2 rectangles that will be the back flaps of your pillow. fold one of the 20 inch sides of each rectangle over 1 inch and iron, fold over again and iron

you will be left with 2 rectangles that now look like this:

sew along the folded edge of each one. set aside for later.

2.ruffles: take your 4 long strips of fabric and hem both long sides of each one using your rolled hem foot. i had never used this foot until this and i am now in love with it! what was i thinking letting it sit there not being used!?!

here is what the hem should look like after it runs under the foot

now, once all of the hemming is done on each long strip. set your machine to the longest stitch length. this is also called a basting stitch. leave a nice long tail of tread out of your needle (which you will need to pull to make gathers after). start sewing right down the middle and at the end of the strip make sure you pull the tread out of the machine a little bit to leave a tail at the end as well. repeat with the other 3 strips.

take the two bottom threads on one side and pull them while gathering the fabric down. do the same on the other side until your fabric is 15 inches across, at this point tie the 2 bottom threads that you have been pulling to the two top thread that should still be shorter. even out the gathers.

3. assemble the pillow: lay the 4 gathers strips across the pillow like so:

leaving about 1 inch of fabric on each of the 2 sides of the pillow, pin each strip in place. the strips should be right next to each other touching.

remember to put your stitch length back to normal. stitch down the center of each strip, securing them to the pillow. after this, you may take the basting stitches out. be how ever particular you want to be, i don't really worry about actually picking any out:)

iron the frills down now, it will make them much nicer!

if needs be, pin up any ruffle that may get sewn over when you are sewing the back and the front together.

get one of the back rectangles that you sewed very first and lay it over the ruffles. make sure the right sides are facing each other and that the hemmed side is in the middle of the ruffles. pin in place.

now, lay the other rectangle over top of the first one, again, with the right side down and the hemmed side on the middle of the pillow.

trim any excess fabric that is coming out.

sew a 1/2 inch stitch all the way around making sure to back stitch at beginning and end. go around the whole pillow case again with a serger or a zigzag stitch to encase all the raw edges.

turn your now pillow case the right side out through the back flaps, put a pillow form inside and enjoy your new frills!


Bobbie said...

I love this look! I would love for you to add it to my link party. www.iamonly1woman.blogspot.com

Lynette said...

I love these pillows...so beautiful! I need to get me a rolled hem foot (i've been wanting one for a while now!).

I'm featuring these on my sidebar...thanks!


Kristin.Fredriksen said...

so cute ang, i love them!

Francis Family said...

So cute! These would go perfect with my new duvet cover I just bought this weekend, good job!

honeysuckle said...

These turned out adorable! I saw some ruffled fabric at Hobby Lobby that would work like this too although it wasn't cotton. Very cute!

Sew Chic said...

Loved loved this tutorial thank you ever so much!
I am in the middle of decorating my living rooms and wanted pillows to use the accent colour with and this is exactly what i had in mind!

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

Barb said...

Everytime you post my sister-in-law calls to see if WE can make it. It is a good thing you post cute things.

d d p h o t o g r a p h y said...

oh my gosh i love these! too bad i dont really know how to sew and my brand new sewing machine from christmas is still in its box!!
you are so talented and i love that you share with all of us!

thank you :)

Shannon said...

Do you think this would work with knit fabric or would the stretchiness factor make it too difficult? I am a real novice when it comes to sewing!

Melissa said...

I just made one last night and it look great! Though, I bought a rolled hem foot and decided that ironing it and stitching it with a regular foot was easier. LOL! I think I need a lot more practice with the rolled hem foot. Plus, I bought a 6 mm one and that turned out to be too wide. What size did you use for the ruffles?

Krista said...

I have a rolled hem foot and have the hardest time using it...do you have any tricks to share?

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