Thursday, November 18, 2010

big girl room!

i can't believe it. my baby scarlett is in a big girl bed and loving it. she seems so big these days. a few things about her: 1. at least once a day she tells me her legs are broken so she can't walk. very good logic.

2. she hits howie over the head with whatever happens to be in her hand even if he just SAYS the wrong thing, let alone DO the wrong thing.

3. she talks really good. in full sentences. she reminds me all the time that she is "just a little girl".

4. she is obsessed with belle, cinderella, and tinkerbell. i didn't know little girls could be so girly so young. she also calls herself "princess caa-lett" (scarlett) quite often. she came up with that one on her own.

5. she has been in her bed now for 2 weeks and has not gotten out once at bedtime.

6. she gives the best hugs and kisses and can be the sweetest little thing ever when she wants to be. but only when she wants to be.

anyway, without further ado...her bedroom:
the pompoms. for a tutorial for them go here. martha will show you.
the art. i had 2 16 x 20 canvases sitting around that i picked up at a garage sale in the spring. (thanks christine!) i thought about what to do with them for months and i thought i had the perfect idea. find an old cute little girl book, rip out the pages, and modpodge them every which way over both canvases. do know how hard it is to find the exact book i had envisioned in my head? impossible. so... i started looking through my craft supplies for inspiration. then i saw them. doilies. i knew they would be perfect and could instantly see it.
all i did was set out the paint and told howie he could paint the canvases for me. he did a great job. then i modpodges the dollies on where i wanted them . then modpodged over top and they were done! i think they are perfect for her room. i'm glad my first idea didn't work out:)

her bed. i posted about her quilt a few weeks ago here. i found this bed on kijiji for $40. if you've ever looked for a used bed on kijiji you would know that that is a great price for a nice solid bed. the before pics of it are at the bottom of this post.

the dresser. can be found here when i posted it the first time.
the shelf on the wall is there from when i decorated her nursery before she was born. i kind of want to take it down and do something else there but we used every last bit of paint when we painted her room and i don't want to leave to big holes unpatched in the wall. sooo...i'm stuck with it there until me move or i paint (which isn't happening).
here are the before pics of the bed. i like it much better in white:)


marisajbaines said...

angie... i would sleep all night long in my bed too if i had such a cute room to be in. Scarlett it such a lucky girl to have you as a mom. and im sure you are just as lucky to have her. i love seeing your inspirations come to life you give me hope for my little Navys room one day. (currently her room is dull dull dull) so thanks!

Baker Family said...

So stinkin' her bed, love the artwork. I might just have to copy on that one (or shall i say "be inspired by??"). Good job!

Christine Peterson said...

Scarlett is getting so big! She's so cute! Her bedroom is beautiful! I love it I especially love her dresser :) The wall art is perfect too ;p

The Harker Family said...

Angie you make ANYTHING look good! I don't know how you do it! I love how you redide that furniture, it looks so awesome! You're amazing! What a gorgeous bedroom! Cadrien is also constantly bugging Camden. Funny isn't it...the brute little sisters picking on the big brothes! Ha, ha, ha! She looks so grown up! Adorable!

Meagan M said...

You did a great job!! I love the doilie art and I'm actually glad you didn't find the book you were looking for. I think I probably have a few of those old fashioned books sitting around here...but there was NO way I was going to let anyone cut them up. Sorry.

By the way...I think I have the same dresser as her. Or one very similar. It was mine growing up and my parents painted it white to match my room. Now that I've seen Scarletts I might have to get my old dresser back from my parents.

Madigan at madiganmade said...

The bed is lovely painted white. And I love that quilt, too!

Serendipity Chic Decor said...

Scarlett is a doll! I love her room. I was shocked when I saw her dresser because it looks exactly like mine except hers is a little darker....check it out if you get a chance..

Take care,

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