Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a little book shelf

do you have a place or item in your home that makes you happy every time you see it? i have a few.
one of them is this little bookshelf. it was originally a shelf made to hold hymn books at an  lds church. but, luckily for me, someone dropped it and smashed the corner of it. my dad who worked for the church at the time, took it home and plastered the corner and gave it to me, being a newly wed at the time, he knew any piece of furniture would be appreciated and used.

i painted it black first. i was a beginner in the whole painting world i just went and picked up some paint. 2 years later, when i decided to paint brown over the black, i learned that the black paint was oil based. and still being a beginner in the painting world, didn't think it would cause too much problem. fast forward 3 years, the bookshelf had brown paint peeling off of it, i chose to ignore it for sometime and put it is howie's room. (pictured below)
so once the peeling got out of control i stuck the ugly peeling shelf in the garage and left it there with an undetermined coarse of action. last summer i decided to tackle it before the baby was born. i sanded ALL the paint AND the original stain off of it. a horrible horrible job. i painted it a clean crisp white and put some sticky drawer liner on the back of it.
it now sits in our upstairs hallway between howie and scarlett's rooms. and i love it there. it is the perfect little shelf in the perfect spot. i am so happy i went to the work of sanding all the many finishes off so i could end up with this little gem.


The Harker Family said...

So adorable Angie! You are amazing!

Иулиания said...

I realy love your shelf! I need an old shelf to do somethinh like that for my baby-boy.

ccoffey said...

Awesome upscaling!!


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