hi, i am angie. welcome to my blog. i like to sew, craft, and quilt. although, i grew up making barbie clothes and helping my mom hand quilt, my love for sewing didn't fully come until after i had my first baby. when he was about 7 months old i realized i was getting bored of just cleaning our home and holding a baby. i needed something more. i started making quilt tops with one of my mom's old machines. soon after, we purchased my very own machine, and i learned how to machine quilt. my machine has rarely gone a week without use in 3 years. my sewing skills continue to improve as i sew from patterns, tutorials and trial and error!
i now have almost 3 kids, howie (4 years), scarlett (2 years), and a baby boy due in Decmeber 2010. i love being a stay at home mom.

i love to blog, as it motivates me to get things done so i can share it with all of you!

feel free to contact me with any questions!
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